CAMPARI Downloads

The entire source code of officially released versions of CAMPARI can be downloaded from the CAMPARI SourceForge site: SourceForge. Note that development versions will not be available through SourceForge. If you know about new features being worked on and are interested in using such features prior to release (essentially as a beta-tester), do not hesitate to contact us.
CAMPARI can link several additional libraries most of which are freely available (see FFTW, LAPACK, OpenMPI, or NetCDF). On Linux distributions, it will often be easier to obtain these through system packages. If this is not possible, download and install them separately; there is ample documentation on the Web. We deliver an early version of the XDR library with CAMPARI, which will be compiled and linked automatically. There is also a set of features depending on the sparse matrix library HSL. Due to the licensing terms, we cannot distribute the source code for HSL. You will need to download the HSL library separately (obtaining your own license agreement). CAMPARI requires the following HSL sources (which is really only two routines). The first HSL library to request is EB13. Once obtained and unpacked, this library can be compiled independently and then linked to CAMPARI, or can be compiled automatically while making CAMPARI (which is the default, USE_INTERNAL_HSL set to 1 in the Makefile, see installation instructions). If it is this default scenario that you want to pursue, please copy all the *.f files in eb13-1.1.1/src/ to the source/hsl folder within CAMPARI and rename the following files:

sdeps.f -> eb13_sdeps.f
ddeps.f -> eb13_ddeps.f

The second required HSL library is the FORTRAN version of HSL_MA48. If you want CAMPARI to compile this library automatically, please copy all the *.f and *.f90 files in hsl_ma48-3.3.0/src/ into the source/hsl folder within CAMPARI (due to conflicting names, you must have alredy performed the above renaming step on the EB13 files before copying) and rename the following files:

ddeps90.f90 -> ma48_ddeps90.f90
ddeps.f -> ma48_ddeps.f
sdeps90.f90 -> ma48_sdeps90.f90
sdeps.f -> ma48_sdeps.f

Accordingly, the CAMPARI subdirectory source/hsl should now contain the following list of files:
  • common90.f90
  • eb13_ddeps.f
  • eb13d.f
  • eb13_sdeps.f
  • eb13s.f
  • hsl_ma48d_ciface.f90
  • hsl_ma48d.f90
  • hsl_ma48s_ciface.f90
  • hsl_ma48s.f90
  • ma48_ddeps90.f90
  • ma48_ddeps.f
  • ma48_sdeps90.f90
  • ma48_sdeps.f
At this point, all HSL files are set for automatic compilation by CAMPARI. Note that all of the above libraries pertain to optional features and there is no dependency on them unless the respective compiler flags are passed. This is all explained in detail elsewhere.

Other Files:

You are also encouraged to visit the website where files from past published research and/or ongoing work utilizing CAMPARI may be hosted: Pappu lab.
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